One of my doodles - from an UnLtd* Future meeting last Friday

Can’t explain it? Visualize it!

How to stop boring people and make them want to understand

Apparently doodling is good for you (I knew my school teachers were wrong).

It must be true. Sunni Brown says so in her Ted Talk, Doodlers, unite;

Studies show that sketching and doodling improve our comprehension — and our creative thinking.

Great news for me because I’ve been a doodler forever. (Thanks Vanessa Reid for sharing the talk x)

One of my doodles, completed during an UnLtd Future meeting last Friday

Why doodle?

In my mind doodling is part of a growing family of creative expressions that turn complex, technical information into art.

I wish I read more, knew more, understood more.

But as my field of interest grows, I find it hard to keep up.

Some of the stuff I need to get my head around is heavy.

Frankly, I find it difficult to stay focused on the latest repercussions of the eurozone crisis, the recent stats on the destruction of biodiversity, the latest plans for intergrated reporting.

But this information is really important.

It’s crucial that business and society can get to grips with the scale of our current problems. And that they can compute the proposed solutions.

And it’s also part of my job to absorb and translate this kind of technical information to share it with others.

So, how can we (I’m dragging you into this with me), bring ourselves to hear, see and understand things that could otherwise test our powers on concentration?

Sunni Brown, confirms my long-held justification for scribbling – that I can actually think better when I doodle.

While it’s at the abstract end, doodling is part of a spectrum, I believe, that is transforming facts, figures and technical information into things of beauty.

These processes helps us engage better and to retain what we are hearing for longer. Here are some of the most interesting visualizations I’ve come across:

Graphic Recording

Graphic recording from one of our Finance Innovation Lab workshops

We use graphic recording in all out Finance Innovation Lab workshops.

Harvard Business Review described it in their September 2010 edition; Vision Statement: Tired of PowerPoint? Try This Instead.

artist Julie Stuart drew large murals depicting the participants

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