Supporting Sustainable #SOCENT without money

One of my favourite groups of people in the world is our UnLtd* Future Entrepreneurs.

They are part of our ‘proof-of-concept’ programme (i.e. a group of friends came together & made it up). It is designed to ‘accelerate alternative business models that connect people, planet and profit’.

A ‘fully human professionalism’

We have developed an amazing culture in the programme, which has been described by them as a ‘fully human professionalism’.

To me they are talking about many things; friendship, trust, love, a sense that we are working towards the same thing bigger than ourselves, a camaraderie, a feeling that its ok to be a human (we don’t have to be serious or happy all the time) and a collective sense of humour. Whatever it is, it is incredibly powerful and it gets work done.

Some of the most interesting things I’ve learned so far:

  • Money is not always what’s needed. We have offered no cash for being part of our programme and they have flourished
  • Relationships are built by witnessing each others’ vulnerability and by collaborating not competing
  • Peer-to-peer learning is key. The most effective sessions have been those where our social entrepreneurs can ask advice from each other
  • Coaching (in our case with Suki from Shirlaws) is hugely valuable
  • The power of intent to bring in cash. Money comes in when you know exactly what you want to change and are genuinely ready to invest yourself in doing it

We hold structured monthly meetings and organise support to help them develop their business models. We covered topic areas such as;

  • positioning (led by Futerra),
  • measuring social and environmental impact (led by the SROI network)
  • how to design a robust business strategy (led by Shirlaws coaches)
  • authentic communication skills (us)
The impact of UnLtd* Future according to our socents

Who’s in this dream team?

The UnLtd Future entrepreneurs are